Feeding Hungry Minds
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Feeding Hungry Minds


To support motivated youth in overcoming obstacles to higher education and introduce them to a wider worldview using multi-media technologies

We have Youth and Technology Education Centers that provides a safe learning environment where young people work with adult mentors to develop skills and build confidence through the use of technology.

The Technology Center - we opened our improved computer lab in 2012. Complete with networked Macs, providing online learning, typing, and multimedia training tools. Currently building a digital academic library.

Our goals are to provide youth with a digital broadcast network that can be a platform for education, information, culture, growth and change. To become a part of a global network of technology centers around the world, that provide youth access to resources and online learning that help them lead outstanding lives while contributing to their communities.

Marin Link

In 2014 setup a self-paced learning program that focused strictly on math and science. Dr. Suresh Appavoo, an Associate Professor of Education at Dominican University of California in partnership with Ubiquitous Vision developed this self-paced learning program to help fill in the gaps and give these students the opportunity to get caught up in school.

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